The new “Disabled Thoughts”

I registered Disabled Thoughts as a business at my local county clerk. I intend for it to be a business for me to use for my writing and web work. Since I am majoring in psychology now (why I never did before I don’t know), I expect to possibly do counseling for the disabled at […]

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Professional Skeptic
Permanent Academic
Education Enthusiast
Visionary Avante-Garde

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Don’t give up yet…

Bravo Suzanne, this is a very well done piece. It really speaks to me; as strange as that may initially seem, it truly does. I’m sure your intent was to speak to certain people, even if you didn’t know exactly who they were (or maybe you did (-:). I really do envy you, Suzanne. From […]

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Why Simbi?

Personally, I am really enjoying building a bit of a network with the aid of Simbi, it is so useful! People just trade services and most people are extremely helpful there.

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Everyone has a “jar”…

Okay the story goes as follows: everyone starts with an empty jar. This jar represents the things that they can accomplish in any given situation. You start out with an empty jar and the first thing you take care of are the important things. You fill up your jar with the important things, but the jar […]

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This is an exciting time in human history

Atheists, atheism, anything away from the normalcy of religious indoctrination, have been shunned and vilified by nearly every society throughout human history, with the exception of Communists and Communism. That is one of the key components of people’s distaste for it. Stalin was an atheist, Marx was an atheist, practically every prominent atheist in history has […]

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