A person that I have been writing for, and therefore corresponding with via email quite frequently, inadvertently inspired me to do something. He has an automatic signature on his email; so do I. He has it set in a particular way: he includes a couple ‘mock’ titles and a short saying. This seems absolutely brilliant and I have to ask myself “Why didn’t I do this before?”

I just changed my email signature on both of my email accounts: my personal one and my student one. I have also added a quote and a couple ‘mock’ titles. In order to come up with inventiveĀ titles, I just brainstormed for a little bit. I’ll jot some down here just in case I ever want them again.

  1. Professional Skeptic
  2. Academic
  3. Education Enthusiast
  4. Visionary Avante-Garde
  5. Academic Architect
  6. Principle Research Professional
  7. Academic Enthusiast
  8. Perpetually Curious
  9. Staunch Secularist

Anyone who has any suggestions should leave a comment and I’ll probably add it to my list.

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