Everyone has a “jar”…

Okay the story goes as follows:

everyone starts with an empty jar. This jar represents the things that they can accomplish in any given situation. You start out with an empty jar and the first thing you take care of are the important things. You fill up your jar with the important things, but the jar still has lots of unused room. Big things, represented by golf balls, are the first things that you take care of, these are things like your relationship, your kids, your home life, pretty much whatever is most important to you, and you fill your jar up with them. Next, you have a ton of smaller things to do, but they are still pretty important. These can be things like paying your car insurance or shopping for groceries. We’ll use marbles to represent them, the small kind that are only about as big around as a penny. Since there are only golf balls in the jar, we can fit an awful lot of marbles in there. Finally, we have the insignificant things that you just “want” to get done. These are the things you would like to do, but they really don’t mean much. Now, take a jar of sand and fill your jar until it is almost full; you can fit a lot of sand in there. At this point, you only have a fraction of your originally available time left. Here’s the catch: you take a bottle of beer, open it, and fill your jar to the brim. You will find that the entire beer fits and that represents something too. Even after you have devoted what you perceive to be all of your time, you can still devote a little bit to having a good time and personal enjoyment.

This is a lesson to live by or at least consider.

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