This is an exciting time in human history

Atheists, atheism, anything away from the normalcy of religious indoctrination, have been shunned and vilified by nearly every society throughout human history, with the exception of Communists and Communism. That is one of the key components of people’s distaste for it. Stalin was an atheist, Marx was an atheist, practically every prominent atheist in history has been a “bad guy.” Only recently have honesty and justice been tools in their hands. We hear people like Richard Dawkins speak out against religion and the religious refer to them as “militant atheists” or some other derogatory moniker. There are advocates for secularism who have absolutely nothing to do with Communism, but we don’t hear about them because they don’t desire to climb atop a soapbox and preach. They are out there and they are becoming less apologetic and more outspoken seemingly every day. It isn’t just the loony, in-your-face, kind of atheist anymore; it is educated and intelligent people who are wearing these title these days. The late Christopher Hitchens was near the beginning of this trend although others have appeared since his passing. Sam Harris is known as one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and it is difficult to locate someone with more impressive credentials. Continued later…

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