Why Simbi?

Personally, I am really enjoying building a bit of a network with the aid of Simbi, it is so useful! People just trade services and most people are extremely helpful there. For example, a service I offer there is writing academic style essays and articles and a service I am seeking is someone to do some research to locate sources for me to write about. I find I have no time to write if I have to leaf through web page after web page to locate factual information and check every morsel for truthfulness and I enjoy writing so it is a win-win situation. I have hired people to do research, to verify information, to provide me with legal advice, and several other things. I have yet to fork over any physical currency to pay for any service and neither has anyone else with whom I have interacted.

Simbi logo


I would encourage everyone who has never tried it to do so, there really is very little risk since there is no exchange of physical currency. The only thing is that you do occasionally encounter someone who doesn’t perform the way you expected or they charge an awful lot for their service or they just don’t fulfill your request. I’d say that you run that risk with ANY exchange, whether it is physical or virtual. The difference is that you normally don’t lose any real currency when a deal goes bad on Simbi: you just do the work yourself or hire on a different worker. I would say, “what have you got to lose except a little time?”

Source: Why Simbi?

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