They sure have a funny way of getting in touch with nature up there

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Alaska sure loves their moose! It is illegal to push one out of a moving airplane throughout the state, while Fairbanks considers you to be criminally liable if you allow a thirsty moose to partake of your alcoholic beverage within the city limits. The audacity of some people contributing to the delinquency of a……hey, wait a second! You also aren’t allowed to whisper in someone’s ear while they’re moose hunting. Oh, and no viewing moose from an airplane (really?). Speaking of strange, in Fairbanks, they have a definite fixation with wildlife. You can kill a polar bear while it is hibernating (seems fair, right?), but don’t you dare wake it up to take its picture! Apparently, their legal shenanigans don’t stop with wildlife, your dog is not allowed to ride in the back of your pickup truck in Anchorage without being in a cage or tied down either. So much for Fido!

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