Don’t give up yet…

Bravo Suzanne, this is a very well done piece. It really speaks to me; as strange as that may initially seem, it truly does. I’m sure your intent was to speak to certain people, even if you didn’t know exactly who they were (or maybe you did (-:). I really do envy you, Suzanne. From what your article says and what I know of you, you spent years doing exactly what I would love to do (I really would)! Although I never had any of your classes at North Central, I feel like I have gotten to know you pretty good since I first started there in 2012. Looking back, I lament that I never had any of your classes, certain students of yours have told me they were awesome and you are great.

As I continue my academic journey to become a “professional” educator, I find there are many things surprising to me. I took a very long time to return to school and attempt to complete what I should’ve done 20 years ago. For me, teachers, counselors, and practically every educator I knew from kindergarten on seemed to know that I was destined to somehow go into education someday. I believe it was first or second grade when I was put into Enrichment (a program for specially gifted students). Whether I was truly gifted or not, I really don’t know or care. All I know is that I didn’t have to try very hard at any work I did; everything came so naturally to me (and sort of still does).

I recently applied for my first “real” job in education. It is tutoring 5-8-year-old Chinese students in ESL (English as a Second Language) over the Internet. While this may be difficult to acclimate myself to, I really hope I get this job. I would love to meet one of the kids in person that I want to tutor in English someday (hopefully in about fifty years this will be a truly “global society”). It is a Chinese company and I can’t believe that every single Chinese businessman wants to rip off every American they can. I think I have a pretty good chance of getting it; the fact that I am working on my BA degree (en route to a teaching degree) helps.

I look forward to future discussions with you from one educator to another (oh how I have wanted to say that for so long) about education trends, things you found useful in your career, and, hopefully, new technologies and ways of teaching that I hope will be developed throughout my career.

Time will tell what the future holds for me.

Source: My Short, Tragic Career as an Independent Scholar

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