I am an amateur writer, although I’m on my way towards professionally writing. I guess as long as it pays the bills, I shouldn’t complain. I started working on my dual-Bachelor of Arts degree, the primary degree in Communications, with a focus in New Media, and the secondary degree in Political Science in May. I’m physically disabled, but that can’t stop me from accomplishing what I know I can as long as I work at it. My disability is multiple sclerosis, and it sucks. While it may affect my memory, I vow to not let it affect my reasoning and I refuse to live completely disabled. Even if for whatever reason I can’t attend traditional university (I am 38 so I would definitely be a nontraditional student, I have advanced multiple sclerosis, which would make this difficult, I am tied down to this area for the foreseeable future, etc.) I can still attend online and complete at least my undergrad, possibly even my graduate degree. All it takes is motivation, and I recently found mine.

I have come to think of myself as a philosopher, although I have not studied classic philosophers much.

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