The new “Disabled Thoughts”

I registered Disabled Thoughts as a business at my local county clerk. I intend for it to be a business for me to use for my writing and web work. Since I am majoring in psychology now (why I never did before I don’t know), I expect to possibly do counseling for the disabled at […]

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Don’t give up yet…

Bravo Suzanne, this is a very well done piece. It really speaks to me; as strange as that may initially seem, it truly does. I’m sure your intent was to speak to certain people, even if you didn’t know exactly who they were (or maybe you did (-:). I really do envy you, Suzanne. From […]

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Everyone has a “jar”…

Okay the┬ástory goes as follows: everyone starts with an empty jar. This jar represents the things that they can accomplish in any given situation. You start out with an empty jar and the first thing you take care of are the important things. You fill up your jar with the important things, but the jar […]

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The Secular Coalition of America

Why didn’t I do this before? I went as far as the Secular Student Alliance, but when that attempt at a student group at North Central Michigan College bombed I gave up on it. I’ve changed my focus to include many secular ideas and information about them, but without openly referring to them as atheist-related. […]

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“Do we truly understand Trump’s motivation?” “Heinous Contravention of The Constitution”

Donald Trump wasn’t always a Republican. In fact, he was a staunch Democrat until a few years ago when Obama said something in front of a room full of people, which in all likelihood really pissed him off. When Obama mocked him at the White House Correspondents Dinner, in front of a room of people […]

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