Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis has taught me a few things; the most recent being what kind of torture a neurogenic bladder is. Imagine if you basically always felt like you had to urinate. Now, add to that the fact that MS has been picking on the nerves that control when my bladder releases and now I can no longer control when my bladder releases urine. Thankfully our bodies naturally keep that valve closed, but I have to insert a flexible catheter into my urethra and keep inserting it until it hits that valve. Once itĀ hits that valve, I cover the end sticking out with a finger and force it through that valve. That’s where the problem starts. I’ve been noticing blood on my catheter when I remove it every time I use one now. I suspect that the catheters are traumatizing that valve. There must be a solution to this.

All right a new update, my idea for an “exterior” bladder is flawed. I discussed it with the doctor and it’s just not a good idea. Next problem forthcoming

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