Constitutional Law

For those unaware of what SSA means or for those who think I’m referring to the Social Security Administration I’m actually referring to the Secular Student Alliance, a group loosely associated with the Freedom from Religion Foundation, but they are much more relaxed and not near as critical of religion. At least my branch will be if I have anything to do with it. I can be, and very occasionally am, critical of religion, but I leave that for the men who just love to argue and debate about it like Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, or the late great writer Christopher Hitchens. I have a long list of atheists, activists, and scientists whom I follow on Facebook and Twitter, but education, civic involvement, and writing are my true passions.

With my interest in politics and my strong atheistic belief system, I am proud to engage in activism geared towards keeping the United States government and every single governmentally affiliated organization free from religious endorsements, statuary, involvement with, any sort of relationship with, or any reference to religion, just as the founders of the Constitution of this great nation intended. I have had a copy of the Constitution at my writing desk since I became an adult and I even had a small pocket version I received in fifth grade which I kept and cherished for years.

To say I want to preserve our democracy and not let it turn into an alt-right theocracy is just about the understatement of the year.

This post is about my attempt to secretly (or at least try not to draw unwanted attention) form a Secular Student Alliance group, or more precisely a group with similar aims. It is a group geared towards United States Constitutional Law and political science. With a very broad target membership, this group will focus on the inclusive nature of the citizen’s role in a democracy and have a similar leadership structure.